Portable Vermi Compost beds have been developed to help farmers make their own organic compost. GCIL Vermi Bed are made of a seven layers proprietary polyolefin blend. It is light in weight but strong and durable. It is portable and been found to have a life of at least 3 years if provided a shade. The construction of the fabric have been specifically developed to  protect the vermi bed from constant UV exposure to strong heat and sunlight preventing it from degrading or deforming.

The net windows have been developed to provide aeration to the Earth Worms to maintain a proper balance of oxygen & moisture that helps keeping a controlled environment for healthier, faster and the best quality vermi compost.

The vermi compost made from our vermi bed makes the soil & crop completely free from chemicals and other harmful substances as compared to chemical fertilizers. It also enriches the soil and improves its fertility giving the farmer better yield of crop in a very eco friendly way.

            Salient Features

  • Installation takes only 2 hours and the bed can be easily shifted.
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE Woven Bed for) Vermiculture.
  • UV Stabilized base material-(UV Treated)
  • Higher tensile & tear strength to sustain composting process and handling.
  • Puncture Resistant.
  • Chemical Resistant.
  • Flexible and ageing stabilized (Crack- Proof).
  • Better Aeration-Six net windows provided.
  • Outlet to Collect Vermiwash
  • Aeration(Net Windows)

GCIL VERMI BEDS is certified by IS 15907:2010 – License No. CM/L-3746976  Approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (IS this our license number)?

  1. No.
1 Dimension
1 Length As per IS 15907 3600 mm
1 Width As per IS 15907 1200 mm
1 Height As per IS 15907 600 mm
2 Mass, g/m2, Min. IS 1964 350
3 Breaking strength before UV exposure, N, Min.
3 Warp IS 1964 1900
3 Weft IS 1964 1800
4 Elongation at breaking %
4 Warp IS 1964 22
4 Weft IS 1964 22
4 Accel. UV Weathering ASTM G154 >90% after *2000 hrs exposure
5 Retention of breaking strength after UV exposure, N, Min.
5 Warp IS 1964 >1600
5 Weft IS 1964 >1600
6 Welded Seam Strength IS 1964 >1600
7 Tear Strength, N, Min.
7 Warp Method A2 of IS:7016 (Part 3) 200
7 Weft Method A2 of IS:7016 (Part 3) 200
8 Puncture Strength, N, Min. Annex C 325
9 Environmental Stress Cracking Test Annex D No evidence of stress cracking
10 Resistance to chemicals, change in the mass, Percent, Max. Annex D Less than 6
11 Colour fastness to artificial light IS:2454 (Xenon lamp method) More than 6
12 Bursting pressure, kgf/cm2, Min. Above 35

Note: all values are ± 10 %