Geomembrane are a reinforced woven polyolefin liners that offer exceptional hydrostatic resistance for buried and exposed containment applications. For applications where liquid containment is critical, GCIL’s Geomembrane proprietary engineered five layer construction will provide maximum performance in all climates and environmental conditions.

Designed for easy installation and long life, It is an extremely durable and light weight  fabric that is the ideal containment solution for applications such as: Above ground fracking tanks, irrigation, pond, canal, basin and other lining, water flow redirection, fisheries, potable water containment and many other uses.

GCIL  also offers a recovery and recycling program for used material!. Your used liners can be returned to us to be recycled rather than being dumped into landfills.

Salient features

  • GCIL Geomembrane includes a proprietary technology that has been proven to provide superior welding characteristics & industry leading resistance to stress cracking
  • Unequalled hydrostatic resistance due to our proprietary five layer construction
  • Environmentally responsible recovery and recycling program
  • Puncture, abrasion and chemical resistant construction with high strength Polyolefin woven scrims that provide superior dimensional stability
  • Outstanding UV, ozone & oxidation resistance
  • Non-toxic, no PVC or other hazardous materials used in construction of fabric
  • Low water vapor permeance
  • 20 year warranty buried, 10 year warranty exposed

GEOMEMBRANES Applications:

Above ground fracking tanks, liquid containment, golf course ponds, retention ponds, irrigation reservoirs and canals, aquaculture liners, agricultural ponds, pond liners, covers – agricultural, soil, manure, salt and general purpose, wastewater lagoons, interim covers, heavy-duty liners and covers, environmental protection, landfill covers and liners, spill containment, remediation, rail car liners and more.

 HDPE Geomembranes HDPE Water Proof Geo membranes

GEOMEMBRANES Technical data:

Color Black
Available Sizes 108″ x 1,500′ Rolls
Base Fabric HDPE
Coatings LDPE
Surflex Film Technology Proprietary Polyolefin Blend
Weight D5261 12.5 Oz/yd2 (425 gsm)
Thickness D1777 24 mil (0.61 mm)
Hydrostatic Resistance Water Column 2x traditional coated woven geomembranes
Hydraulic Conductivity D4491 0.0 cm/s (no flow)
Grab Tensile D751 MD 330 lb (314 N) | CD 300 lb (1338 N)
Trapezoidal Tear D4533 MD 70 lb (1472 N) | CD 70 lb (314 N)
Mullen Burst D751 700 Psi (4828 kPa)
Puncture Resistance D4833 190 lb (847 N)
Low Temperature Flexibility D2136 -60 ?F (-50 ?C)
Accel. UV Weathering G154 >90% after 2000 hrs
Limited Warranty Exposed 10 Years
Limited Warranty Buried 20 Years