Final_U Pannel

U – Panel Bag : – These Bulk Bags/ FIBC’s are made from flat fabric. Loops for these bags are attached in the corners.

4 – panel / Formstable / Q-Bags

4 – Panel / Formstable / Q-Bags: – These Bulk Bags/FIBC’s are made panels with baffles inside, which distribute the weight of the product evenly within the bag. Baffles help stabilize the bag, reduce product shifting during transportation & prevents it from bulging.

Tubular Bag / Circular Bag / Cross Corner Bag

Tubular Bag or Circular Bag : – This Bulk Bags/FIBC’s are made by circular/ tubular fabric with reinforcement panel on the body of the fabric. It has cross corner loops on the reinforcement areas.

U+2 Panel Bag / Standard Bag

4 – Panel Bag : – These Bulk Bags/ FIBC Bags are made from flat fabric produced The design is the typical 4 -Panel each panels securely stitched to it by over-lock and safety stitch. These bags are with loops attached in the corners.

2. Tunnel Loop Bag

 Tunnel Loop Bag : – These Bulk Bags/FIBC Bags are made of u –panel body & loops are made of body or side panels as a tunnel to lift bags via a forklift.

Platten bags / asbestos Bag

Asbestos bag or Platen bag : – Platen bags have been developed for the management of large-scale asbestos plates. Our Platten bags bear a printed warning ” contains asbestos”. Therefore, necessary safety precautions need to be taken to pack the asbestos plates as per specific country norms.

fertilizer Bag / Single Loop Bag

Single Loop or Two Loop : – These Bulk Bags/ FIBC’s are  made of circular or tubular fabric. The loops are made by body fabric. These types of bags are primarily used in the fertilizer industries.

Sling Bag

Sling Bag : –  These Bulk Bags/FIBC’s are made of only one loop. Base fabric is also used, if required by the customer. These types of bags are used in the construction industry for carrying cement bags, & other construction materials.

UN FIBC / Bulk bags

UN FIBC / Bulk bags : – These Bulk Bags/ FIBC Bags made by UN Fold Stitch & it is designed to meet United Nations requirements for strength and durability to pack dangerous goods. Available in U-panel or circular construction. UN Certification available upon request. 

Ventilated Bag

Ventilate Bag : – These bags are large and are made out of woven polypropylene. Finding usage in storing as well as transporting dry products, the FIBC dimensions can vary and is based on customer’s specific needs.

Conductive Bag / Type "C" Bag

Conductive Bag Type “C” : – Type “C” or conductive bulk bags (FIBC) are constructed from fabrics having inter-connected conductive threads. The bag must be electrically grounded during filling and discharge. It can be used safely to transport flammable powders or when flammable solvents or gasses are present. Typically visible black grounding tabs are utilized to ensure a safe ground connection.

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